Our Offerings

Reimagine Play is a Boston-based fitness education company that offers fun, play-inspired physical activity and fitness programs for children and families. From pop-up fitness classes to customized programs for youth organizations, we use obstacles-based training to teach physical literacy, build character and develop youth leadership skills. 



On the MOVE is our signature class that brings together mobility, obstacles, velocity and endurance. This fun, obstacle-based fitness class is geared to kids ages 5-13 of all levels. These key components help build strength, increase skills such as jumping higher and running faster, improve flexibility, and begin to establish a strong foundation of self-esteem and confidence. We do this through primal-like movement patterns, body weight exercises, agility ladders, hurdles, reaction balls, and fun toys and accessories. We pop-up classes throughout greater Boston and bring the course right to you, indoors and outdoors.


FITNESS Programs for Youth Organizations

We partner with camps, schools, youth groups and community health centers to run customized fitness and active play programs that offer an alternative to traditional organized sports. We help enhance your programming with our fitness fundamentals and obstacle-based classes. Our certified coaches will design one time events, short programs (4 weeks) and long-term programs (8-12 weeks) that teach basic and advanced movement skills that are the foundation for everyday activities and provide an edge for kids playing sports. 



Let us turn your child's birthday party into a fun, play-inspired fitness experience that they won't forget. We'll come to your home, park or event facility and organize a personalized, age-appropriate celebration. We offer several special birthday themes: The Adventurers and the Ninjas with a variety of fun, active play challenges, obstacle course and games. We also customize parties to include olympic style games and sports themed activities. Our newest addition is Bubble Ball Soccer, an hour of packed fun in an inflatable bubble.




event services

We work with parks, event planners, race organizers and fairs to organize obstacle and fitness activities for families. From fitness challenges and field day events to leading a kids obstacle race, we can transform any event into a memorable experience.  We can also create a pop-up playground environment with unique structures such as slacklines and mazes to allow for both structured and unstructured active play. All event types are fair game, including fundraisers, health fairs, community gatherings, road races and more.