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Wednesday Wisdom - Start Meditation Practice

The benefits of meditation for adults are well known.  Not only does meditation and breathing practice reduce stress and depression, it also improves brain function and concentration. New research is confirming the benefits that meditation can also have on children. These include:

  • Increase attention and focus, especially in school
  • Reduce hyperactive behavior in children with ADD/ADHD  
  • Improve concentration and memory retention
  • Reduce stress and provide a reprieve from trauma
  • Improve relationships and self-esteem

In short, meditation is an easy way to teach kids how to develop focus and feel more calm. Parents can meditate with kids in playful ways that allow them to express their emotions and lessen life stressors. Mindfulness practice and meditation for kids takes just a little practice. Try these mindfulness exercises from the Chopra Center specifically geared to children. When you expose kids to this healing practice, and make it a fun positive experience, they will be more likely to embrace it as adults. 

To incorporate mindfulness practice into your own life, check out Greatist's best meditation apps for every personality or try a guided group meditation session at the Chrysalis Meditation Center in Winchester, MA.