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Winter Sports Conditioning Workout

As we get into winter sports season, it's important to stay in top shape to avoid injuries. Winter sports such as skiing, snow boarding and ice skating require agility, power and balance. Our Lead Trainer, Ann Bruck and Ice Skating Instructor, Natalie Velasquez, developed this quick conditioning guide to get you in top winter shape. Do this routine 3-times per week for fast results.

1. Warm up

  • Jump Rope - 1 minute
  • High Knees - 30 seconds
  • Jumping Jacks - 20 reps
  • Inchwor - 5 forward and 5 backwards

2. Dynamic Stretches

  • Ankle, knee, hip, shoulder circles - 5 reps on each side
  • Leg swings front to back and side to side - 10 on each side
  • Windmill toe touches - 5 on each side
  • Reach down to toes then reach to the sky - 5 times
  • Side step and reach across

3. Agility

  • Step ups on chair or bench - 12-15 each leg
  • Dot drills. Set up five dice or paper circles on the floor in a star pattern. Practice running and jumping from point to point for 1 minute.
  • Front and back hops - 20 seconds
  • Side to side hops - use both feet for 20 seconds, then single foot for 20 seconds each side

4. Power

  • Squat Jumps- floor to sky and/or knees to chest- 15 reps
  • Power Skips- 30 skips

5. Balance

  • Single leg squat  - 5 reps each leg
  • One legged hops - 10 on each leg
  • Standing on one leg - 30 seconds with eyes open
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