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#TuesdayInspiration - Keep On Going with your Wellness Journey

We love this quote "Keep On Keepin' On." It's exactly the motivation we need sometimes to affirm that we are going in the right direction with our wellness journey.

We all know it's challenging to start and stick with a fitness routine. According to a recent study by the Journal of Psychology, starting with a cue may help create long lasting habits. A cue is something external that triggers you to complete a well-practiced routine. For example, brushing your teeth right before bed and in the morning is pretty engrained in most of us since its cued by waking up and going to the bathroom. 

When you’re starting to develop a fitness routine, sticking with a cue appears to be what will get you back to your workout consistently. Find a cue that works for you. Taking a walk or run before the kids wake up or during lunch time. Maybe its going to the gym right after work to avoid rush hour. Here are six habit forming techniques to get you going.

1. Identify a cue that gets you going.

2. Complete small workouts - 7-minutes and add more time each day.

3. Schedule in your activities just as you would an important meeting.

4. Try activities that are fun and make you feel happy.

5. Get a partner to exercise with you. A buddy - even the kids - keeps you accountable. 

6. Find music that you associate with your favorite fitness activities.

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