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#TuesdayInspiration - 10 Minute Family Activity Competition to Kickstart the Year

It's the first Tuesday of the New Year. As we settle back into school and work, you may feel a little sluggish from the holiday festivities. Start your Family Fitness Challenge with an Activity Competition. Come up with 10 minutes worth of moves that you want to challenge each member of the family to do together. It may be mountain climbers, squats, or push-ups. Aim for at least 10 minutes each day and track your progress during the month. Bonus points if you incorporate the activity while watching television or taking work / study break! 

For ideas for your Activity Competition, check out these 10 minute challenges from Darebee. And if you're into tracking and data, here is a comprehensive list of the 39 top health and fitness apps by Greatist. Have fun!