How Much Your Health Impacts Your Wealth

By Guest Writer Anastasia Ivanov

Children learn many of their lifelong habits from their parents. This shows in everything from linguistic quirks and hobbies to eating and exercise habits. We all know how important it is for parents to set positive examples to help children develop good active lifestyle and eating habits. Something as simple as staying active yourself can help to guide your kids toward a long and healthy life.

The importance of adults role modeling positive behaviors goes even further. A healthy lifestyle can have a tremendous impact on every facet of life, including your financial state. We make health decisions every day, on some level or another. Those decisions can actually cost tens of thousands of dollars a year in both direct and indirect costs.

Obesity has become a nationwide epidemic, and contributes to a whole list of medical problems. As a result, poor diet and exercise can cost thousands of dollars more per year in medical expenses, not to mention the additional costs in life insurance premiums, increased food budgets due to both quantity and the higher costs of many types of junk and fast foods, and sometimes even transportation expenses.

Taking care of your body not only presents a positive example to teach your children the value of doing the same, it can improve your quality and longevity of life to help ensure you get to not only watch your little ones grow up, but even to see them have little ones of their own. That should bring enough motivation to stay healthy all by itself, but the prospect of that healthier lifestyle also helping you save and invest toward retirement has a whole other level of appeal.

As the graphic below shows, staying fit can help set up both you and your children for a more promising, healthy, active, and comfortable future physically and financially. Read on for tips on how to improve both your physical fitness, and pad your bank account in the process.

About the Author

Anastasia Ivanovis a staff writer and graphic designer for InvestmentZen with a penchant for flipping houses. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, and playing with her two cats Leena and Masha.