Goal Setting in the New Year - How it Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams.

As we say goodbye to a long and challenging year for our country, we have taken some time to reflect on the things we are grateful for - some which we could not have accomplished without the support of our Reimagine Play families and partners.

Our 2016 gratitude countdown:

  • Our parents and kids who love how we play

  • Our amazing team of Reimagine Play coaches

  • Incredible partners – from BPS, Boston Parks, BPHC, Dimock, Hoodfit and many more

  • The Boston Foundation for supporting our vision for access

  •  Pop-up playgrounds that bring active play in all places

  • Growth champions – from Babson’s WIN Lab to Bentley University - and our mentors and advisors

As we look back on our past accomplishments, we are also setting goals for the things we want to achieve in the New Year. Setting goals gives you short-term inspiration and long-term vision. Writing your goals can help you visualize them, focus on them, and set aside the needed time and resources to achieve them. 

We created a Goal Board for 2017 so that you can write your vision for the New Year. It may be trying something new, getting rid of old habits or bold goals, like launching a new venture. No matter how big or small they may be, setting out your goals on paper will make you more likely to work towards them, and achieve them.

We encourage you to create a goal list for yourself and have your children develop their own list. Post it where you can see it every day and make the family a source of motivation to help you achieve your dreams.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!