How Fit Are You?

As we start a new year, many of us want to get in better shape both for ourselves and our family's health. If you haven't kept a consistent fitness routine, you might want to measure your fitness level to get your baseline. This can also be a fun way to start the family on our Family Fitness Challenge.

Your fitness levels can be measured by your:

  • your strength – your ability to do a greater consecutive number of an exercise,
  • your speed – how quickly you can do this number, and
  • your recovery time - how long it takes you to recover before you can repeat it again. 

See how fit you are with our quiz designed to assess your upper body strength, core strength, and physical endurance. Try it with your family or friends and have fun with it. Make sure to warm up first. 

You can use these results to set your fitness goals for the year. Share how you did your Fit Test using #FamFitChallenge on Instagram.