Your Play Personality and How it Can Help You Stay Active and Healthy

Remember when you were a kid and could spend hours playing, carefree without distractions? Whether you were in the playground with friends, acting out a story with dolls or action figures or building a fort, you think of a happy, joyful time. Not only were you having fun, you were also developing important physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills. Research shows that active play is essential to a child's development and may be more important than classroom time.

We know that playtime is also beneficial for adults. It’s a way to a healthier, stronger body, to reduce stress, deepen our relationships and expand our creativity. Unstructured play in particular may even make us smarter.

As parents, we are always looking for ways to engage our kids in play and yet we may feel silly about playing ourselves. We have forgotten what inspired us to play. To learn what makes you most happy when you play, we created a fun quiz to access your play personality based on Dr. Stuart Brown's book Play: How is Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul. 

Dr. Brown researched the many different ways to play, and defined eight “play personalities.”

  1. Joker -  plays through silliness and practical joking

  2. Kinesthete - pursues play through movement

  3. Explore - plays through exploration and adventure

  4. Competitor - enjoys specific rules and plays to win

  5. Director - play by planning and organizing events

  6. Collector - enjoys play by collecting objects or experiences

  7. Artist - loves to play through creating or building things

  8. Storyteller - plays through imagination, reading, and stories

Take the quiz below to learn which personality you identify with and do it with your children to see what drives them. While you may fit a personality type, most people have multiple play personalities. See which one resonate most with you and your kids. Then set a goal to try a new activity, class or experience that accentuates your play personalities. Have fun!